Leadfly Platform Features

Lead & Contact Management

Leadfly's platform makes it simple to manage all your leads and contacts. Our database can house 1000's of leads of all status types (New, Qualified and Disqualified). You will be able to cycle through the life of each contact from the day you've first entered it.

Simple Design

Leadfly's design is based on the "less is more" concept. Our platform is very easy, fluid and simple to navigate for just about anyone. Our platform is very unique, it only focuses on what it needs to without over-cluttering your screen. There is no need to go through multiple clicks to get and do what you want.

Integrated Communication

Leadfly's technology gives you instant click to E-mail, Call, SMS and FAX capabilities. There is no waiting, provisioning or strings attached. From the moment you register you will be instantly be given the ability to communicate with your leads and contacts right from your portal.

Click to Call

Out of the box, from when you first register you will instantly be given the power to call your leads and contacts with a click. Leadfly's technology enables you to use your phone (yes, your personal phone) as a way to make phone calls right from our portal with a click of a button. There is no software, coding, registration or any of the complicated things you would expect from other platforms. Click to call works with your existing phone instantly!


Saving time is what we are about, Leadfly has an integrated e-mail mechanism that allows you to send e-mails with a click that will appear to have come from your personal registered e-mail. Send an e-mail through our portal without having to setup any account, it is remarkably fast and easy.


We decided faxing should be an integral part of our system. Using Leadfly you can instantly send a FAX by uploading or even typing with a click of a button. When your lead or contact sends a fax back, you will get a notification alerting you that there is a new fax message waiting for you from your contact.


SMS and text messaging has become as vital as calling. Sometimes it is much easier to SMS than actually talk with someone. This is why we integrated a full blown SMS solution that will not just allow you to send messages, but will also allow you to get them! Send SMS messages to leads and contacts, when someone answers; you will see a notification to visit their profile to read the message.


You can use our filing system to manage your contact and lead's files. Every person you add to Leadfly will have its own file bin, you can upload important documents such as contracts, estimates, proposals and who knows what else. These items will remain in the contact's history so you will never be confused about where you saved that document again.


Know your lead and contact's history. When you last viewed them, edited them, SMS'd them or even called them. Faxes and e-mails will also be tracked as our platform provides a history tab to help you remember your footsteps of interaction. We believe it is important to know what was said to know what has to be done next, with this in mind we created the profile history tab so you can add your own items as well as see automated items. Knowing is closing.

Lead Generation

So you are not so great at generating potential customers? That's ok! We have come up with a few ideas, our lead generation tool (US business only at the moment) can help you build your leads. The feature provides an option to enter a zip code to target and a business term, after it will generate a list of businesses in that area or field (of your search term in the area you select) and will proceed to create a profile for each one of them for you to work. Say you are selling T-shirts, you can target every T-shirt Shop in your zipcode and get instant leads to call and begin making a sales history.

Data Storage

So you added your leads, generated leads even imported them into our system. Your data remains safe and protected in our secure database and is archived for the length of your account. Since we notify you of the last time you have viewed a lead page, its nice and easy to follow up on the leads you have been sleeping on. Remarketing wisely to bring back the old while working on the new. Your lead information, files, SMS conversation and faxes will always be available to you wherever you have internet access.

What's coming

We intend on thinning the line even more between lead management and communication. Based on user feedback and our creative minds you can expect to see contact profiling, address profiling, social profiling, analytics and a bunch of goodies that we will post about on our page in the future. There are so many ideas and so little time, but you expect to see really remarkable things coming your way soon.

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