About Leadfly

Leadfly is a lead management system, a contact platform designed to provide users the ability to do their jobs better and more efficiently. Unlike ordinary CRM systems, Leadfly focuses on only one entity of sales: the lead.

Leadfly is also the brainchild of my creativity and a demonstration of my abilities to bring my personal ideas to life. Over the years I have used many different platforms to manage contacts and leads, from big to small; and learned what the most important functions to successful sales are. The most important being ease of access and communication. When I began writing the idea for Leadfly this is what I had in mind, ease of access and robust communication features that use today's latest technology.

The platform is designed in mind to be centered around the individual, from selling T-Shirts to managing a Real Estate venture; Leadfly can accomodate all your leads and give you an edge on communication so you can network better and grow stronger.

This is entire project is still just an idea, one I enjoy working on with a passion. I invite you to take a part in it.

Thank you for visiting - Ilan

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