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What is Leadfly?

A great cloud lead and business contact management system right at your fingertips

Lead & Contact Management

Leadfly's platform makes it simple to manage all your leads and contacts. Our database can house 1000's of leads of all status types (New, Qualified and Disqualified). You will be able to cycle through the life of each contact from the day you've first entered it, to the day you've either Won, or lost, the deal.

Simple Design

Leadfly's design is based on the "less is more" concept. Our platform is very easy, fluid and simple to navigate for just about anyone. Our platform is very unique in the sense that it only focuses on what it needs to without over-cluttering your screen or make you jump through multiple clicks to get and do what you want. Simple.

Integrated Communication

Leadfly's technology gives you instant click to E-mail, Call, SMS and FAX capabilities. There is no waiting, provisioning or strings attached. From the moment you register your account you will be instantly given the ability to communicate with your leads and contacts right from your portal. It's amazing.

You have no idea.

Experience fully integrated and immersive productivity


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